February 2021

    • Johnny Hallyday is named alongside Dua Lipa, Ava Max, and Ed Sheeran as one of the top performing Warner Music Group artists 2020. Rori worked on 'I am the blues' from Johnny Hallyday's 'Le coeur d'un homme' album in 2008.


      Kevin Godleys 'Muscle Memory' album has been released on CD to rave reviews. Rori co-wrote 'Cut to the cat' from the record.

      "Extraordinary ‘debut’ from former 10cc visionary.......Often sinister, provocative and perverse, it addresses 2020's febrile neuroses as fearlessly as any record this discommoding year, and commands repeated listening......Singular and stirring."

      Chris Roberts CLASSIC ROCK UK

      "....his typically witty lyrics remain timely, with “The Bang Bang Theory” satirising American gun culture and “One Day” musical algorithms, while “Song Of Hate” is cathartically caustic. His voice remains tremulously vulnerable on the languid “The Ghosts Of The Living”, as does his fondness for variety, with “Cut To The Cat” like a grumpy, half-speed Prince..."

      WYNDHAM WALLACE UNCUT February 2021. 8/10

      "....The songs are either punchy electro-pop or elegant ballads: fans of The Blue Nile may wonder if Paul Buchanan took part. In fact, the biggest name is Gotye, author of Somebody That I Used To Know. He supplies a jaunty soundbed, which Godley turns into a deliciously vicious score-settler called Song Of Hate. Warning: it may leave you heading out for your daily exercise singing ‘Hey, ho, I hate you so!’. Godley’s voice is as supple and soulful as ever. He has made the second memorable album of 2021, following Barry Gibb's Greenfields.

      By TIM DE LISLE FOR EVENT MAGAZINE Daily Mail January 2021

      You’ve got to go back to Godley and Creme’s 1978, misanthropic masterpiece “L”, to hear Godley in a mood like this. “Business is Business” from that record is reprised in “Cut to the Cat” on “Muscle Memory.” ..... You will either love it or “tut” disapprovingly and move backwards into the back catalogue. The truth is that Kevin Godley.... has made a strikingly original piece of work. Risks have been taken. Preconceptions have been shattered. His work is done.

      Review by Ian Rushbury - I Don't Hear A Single

      “Muscle Memory” is a composition, that needs to be listened to on a number of occasions and like a work of art it will then allow you to digest it`s many subtleties. There are some difficult and varied topics covered within, such as Gun control, social unrest, racism, alien abduction, disaffection, and political correctness to name but a few. It`s quite varied musically and will seep into your subconscious. Once again Kevin Godley has delivered some intelligent, sharp, inventive, thought provoking and imaginative soundscapes for us to enjoy.

      Damian Sullivan Maximum Volume Music. Rating 9/10

      "....it’s a splendidly varied set of collaborations linked by Godley’s unique voice and take on things....Periscope is astonishing, almost as if David Bowie has chosen Godley to channel his vocals from beyond. Muscle Memory is in the tradition of Peter Hammill and Scott Walker, where the voice is the principle instrument.... as imaginative and surprising as ever.

      Daryl Easlea LOUDER January 24th 2021

       "..... the 10cc man’s first solo release.....The words are splenetic and direct: topics such as race, gun law, the media, even the future of music and creativity itself, are all tackled with shape-shifting aplomb. The singing hits a clear melismatic vibrancy that echoes Scott Walker and late- period Bowie in some places, then a direct Mancunian drawl in others. The music, meanwhile, at its best on earworm opener Expecting A Message, percussive The Big Bang Theory or the sweeping melodicism of Periscope, is often compelling."

      David Buckley MOJO February 2021

      My LP collection includes three albums by Godley & Creme — L (1978), Freeze Frame (1979), and Ismism (AKA Snack Attack) (1980) - and they are all absolute classics of art-pop music for their time, full of intelligent lyrics, quirky arrangements, great singing, imaginative instrumental work, and stellar production...... Muscle Memory is a worthy addition to his body of work.... Social media, business buzzwords, and internet trends are examined on “Cut to the Cat” — “The trick is to make what’s really offensive as inoffensive as possible… If Granny’s getting gang-raped by smacked-out zombies, cut to the cat — Everybody loves Grumpy Cat.” Not for the faint-of-heart! Sonically, Muscle Memory is a modern gem, completely contemporary but somehow timeless (unless you go back before the late 70s).

      by Jon Davis, Published 2020-12-03 Exposé

      Tolü Makay whose recent EP 'Being' was co-written and produced by Performing For Presidents is flying high in the Irish charts, her recent cover of Saw Doctors N17 in collaboration with the RTE Concert Orchestra has seen her become the highest-charting female solo artist ever on this week's Official Irish Homegrown Chart. The song has received high praise from the likes of Graham Norton, as well becoming the most downloaded song of the week.

    January 2021

    • 'Talk Different' by Performing For Presidents and MJR is synced for film 'Coconut'.

      Songwriting camp preparation continues albeit with rearranged dates.

    December 2020

    • Kevin Godley's 'Muscle Memory' complete album is to be released on December 17th. It has been released as a series of single from July of this year.

      Performing For presidents debut single release 'If it's me' with Sean X and King David passes 100,000 streams on Spotify.

    November 2020

    • Preparation for songwriting camps. These camps, virus permitting, will be happening in Jan and Feb 2021.

    October 2020

    • October 9th sees the release of Tolü Makay's EP 'Being'. It's on Spotify and the first two singles can also be heard on the Performing For Presidents site (www.performingforpresidents.com).

    September 2020

    • Tolü Makay's single 'Don't let go' from her 'Being' EP went to No.1 on the RTE Radio 1 Airplay Chart, her second single 'You are enough' was released on September 18th and was RTE 2fm track of the week. September 24th sees the release of 'Cut to the Cat' from Kevin Godley's 'Muscle Memory' album.

    August 2020

    • August 21st sees the release of the first single 'Don't let go' from Tolü Makay's EP 'Being'. Co-written and produced by the Performing For Presidents team, everyone is looking forward to this.

      "The incredible Tolü Makay is a national treasure and she is finally breaking into the mainstream."

      "Tolü is an artist of rare talent. She is a stunning singer and performer. She can stop you in your tracks when you hear her."

      "This is music with a gospel background that can effortlessly move between soul, R&B, funk and even pop, So Tolü's possibilities are endless. She is amazing"

    July 2020

    • July 6th Following a hugely successful opening weekend, 'Conni Secret of Mau the Cat' is now No.1 at the German Box Office.

      July 2nd 'Conni Secret of Mau the Cat' will open in all cinemas across Germany.

      July 16th the first song 'Expecting a message' from Kevin Godleys 'Muscle Memory' album will be released. 

      July 17th will see the first release from Performing for Presidents (PFP). The song 'If it's me' is a release by Sean X, King David and Performing for Presidents. PFP are a new songwriting and record production team formed by Rori Coleman and Kishan Davda. For more on PFP see www.performingforpresidents.com

    June 2020

    • The release dates for Kevin Godleys Muscle Memory album are below: state51 Conspiracy are releasing every individual track on the album two weeks apart before leading up to the album at the end. 

      Expecting a Message: 16/07/2020
      The Ghosts of the Living: 30/07/2020
      Hit the Street: 13/08/2020
      The Bang Bang Theory: 27/08/2020
      5 Minutes Alone: 10/09/2020
      Cut to the Cat: 24/09/2020
      One Day: 08/10/2020
      All Bones are White: 22/10/2020
      Periscope: 5/11/2020
      Song of Hate: 19/11/2020
      Bulletholes in the Sky: 03/12/2020
      Muscle Memory - Vinyl and Digital: 17/12/2020

      Formats: As well as a digital release, there will be a vinyl release for the album.

    May 2020

    • Conni Secret of Mau the Cat is due for release July 2nd in cinemas across Germany.