September 2018

    • Composing new music and recording with the songwriting team. We've yet to find a good name for this songwriting collective!

    August 2018

    • Music for 'Juggle' - a short film by Jake McKone

    July 2018

    • 'Drift' The first song written and produced by Zali, Kish, Baby-J and myself you can hear it in the listen section.

    June 2018

    • Start of songwriting collective project

    May 2018

    • Music for Hudson Link - A promo piece for the Episcopal Charities by New York based Director Gregory Kennedy/Innerfilm. 

    April 2018

    • Recording

    March 2018

    • Writing

    February 2018

    • Writing

    January 2018

    • Writing

    December 2017

    • Johnny Hallyday R.I.P.

      Johnny Hallyday died on December 6th 2017 in Marnes-la-Coquette, France.

      "In the course of a career that spanned more than half a century, he recorded more than 1,000 songs, sold more than 110m records, and was seen live on more than 180 sellout tours by an estimated 28m people".

      I was proud to have even the slimmest of connections to Johnny Hallyday, I did some engineering and programming on a song that Bono and Simon Carmody wrote for him called 'I am the Blues', it was on his 2008 Album 'Le Coeur d'un Homme'. We had a very enjoyable day in the studio with Bono, Simon Carmody and Dawn Kenny (keyboards and arrangements), where the song was written, recorded, and sent off that same day. If only they all went like that! There's a clip of the song in my listen section.

      In other happier news for December, Nowhere Fast has been nominated for the best television of the year by the Irish Times. There's a link to vote here below, and you can actually win something!

      "Alison Spittle’s scabrous sitcom Nowhere Fast was as encouragingly fearless, lacerating big-town hypocrisy and small-town rivalries, even as it imagined its character in a downward spiral".