August 2019

    • Arranging work on show continues. Work has started on the score for 'My Mother's Shoes' directed by Mike Hayes and produced by Alice productions.

    July 2019

    • Arranging work on show continues.

    June 2019

    • Some arranging work has commenced on a show/musical.

    May 2019

    • PFP. PFP is a project I've been working on for the past year with a very talented team. It's a development of an earlier song writing project that has morphed into what we're calling PFP. The music is almost ready to go, another month should see the release of the new work.

    April 2019

    • PFP

    March 2019

    • PFP

    February 2019

    • PFP

    January 2019

    • PFP

    December 2018

    • PFP

    November 2018

    • PFP